Fiona Martin provides a summary of our research

The Moving Media #IAMCR2014 Presentation

The purpose of this presentation was to bring the multiple case studies together that have been conducted under the moniker of Moving Media, specifically to outline the (lack of) policy for mobile broadband, while using three case studies.

In the context of the case studies, we presented one on locative media and how it relates to questionable practices with sensor media, autonomous automobility and the innovation policy moment, and mHealth an the issues surrounding market/policy regulation with the larger industry stakeholders.

The result of our presentation highlights where the project is at: an exploration of hybrid policy frameworks for mobile media.

The running theme across the four presentations within the session all dealt with mobile broadband policy: the case for Japan, USA and India – interesting to note there are similar issues appearing in each location. All in all, the session was useful to explore the complications that other countries are attempting to understand in the mobile broadband space.

The questions for our presentation focussed, not surprisingly, on mobile health. Our discussant Lela was interested in understanding the issues surrounding how the app stores have the power to enable certain apps to develop and how might policy address this.

Damien Spry questioned around children health: how might the federal government promote a healthy lifestyle in the context of anti-marketing campaigns and the ramification of the advertising industry?

Jock Given also raised the issues around consumer protection, user reviews and the problems of illegality of app stores providing misleading information – an issue addressed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).