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Mobile Internet’s “Creative Destruction”: Implications for global mobile policy, IAMCR 2013

We have finally started publishing our presentations as part of our output for the Moving Media research project.

The first in the series (which you can access all of our presentations through the ‘Presentations’ tab above or at the Moving Media Slideshare page) is Gerard Goggin’s presentation at the 2013 IAMCR conference. Here is Mobile Internet’s “Creative Destruction”: Implications for global mobile policy:

[slideshare id=28103697&doc=gogginetalmobileinternetcreativedestructioniamcr2013-131110232806-phpapp02]

The Mobile Internet Policy Global Media Policy Section, so far…

On our other site where we are collectively contributing policy documents to the Global Media Policy website, specifically our Mobile Internet Policy section, we are starting to make some progress. There has been significant developments in the data we have collected, with each f the project’s research streams now in full swing. What this means is we have found an ever-increasing amount of policy actors relevant to mobile internet policy and have located these within a global context – inclusive of a broader set of internet governance actors. These will of course continue to develop in the coming months.

In the meantime, it is useful to visualise our work to date. Below is the sunburst representation of the policy actors involved in mobile media policy. We would encourage you to look through this static graphic here, but to also follow this through the Global Media Policy website to examine its broader position of global internet governance.


The Mobile Internet Policy section of the Global Media Policy cohort

The Mobile Internet Policy section of the Global Media Policy cohort

Early days with Global Media Policy

The kind folk at Global Media Policy (GMP) have been busy helping us develop our section on their site and we are happy to announce we have our very own space, the Mobile Internet Policy section.

As the research develops in the Moving Media project, we will contribute ‘profiles’ to the GMP site, including¬†People, Organisations and Actors, Policy Documents and Resources to align with the taxonomy of the existing site. The objective of contributing our research findings to the GMP site is the additional profiles will highlight how the governance of mobile media and communication intersects at a global level. For example, after entering three Organisational Actors into the Mobile Internet Policy section, Apple Inc., Nokia Corporation and the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA), we can visualise how these three stakeholders interact with each other AND how they relate to other media and communication governance sections. Currently we have five visualisations available to us: List, Sunburst, Dendrogram, Network and Arc.

There is a great deal of work to develop and a significant amount of data entry required, but we have the early developing stages of a rigorous research collaboration. To start things off, here is the first visualisation we have extracted form the GMP site:

Beginning of the research

Beginning of the research