Book Chapters

Goggin, Gerard, Tim Dwyer, Fiona Martin. ‘Moveable Media: Mobile Internet and New Policy Modes‘, in Creativity, Innovation an Interaction: Public Media Management Fit for the 21st Century, Michał Głowacki & Lizzie Jackson (eds). Routledge, New York. 2013.

Journal Articles

Goggin, Gerard, Fiona Martin, and Tim Dwyer. “Locating the News in the Mobile Worlds of Audiences.” Journalism Studies. (2014).

Goggin, Gerard. “Driving the Internet: Mobile Internets, Cars, and the Social.” Future Internet  vol. 4, no. 1. p. 306-321. 2012.

Conference Papers

Goggin, Gerard, Timothy Dwyer, Fiona Martin, Jonathon Hutchinson 2014, ‘Finding Mobile Internet Policy Actors in Big Data: Methodological Concerns in Social Network Analysis‘, paper presented at Australasian Association of the Digital Humanities, Expanding Horizons, Perth, Australia, 18-21 March 2014.

Dwyer, Tim 2013, ‘Transforming Digital Media Industry Cultures: Accessing news in Asian mobile internets‘, paper presented at Information Communications Association Regional Shanghai Conference, Communication and Social Transformation, 8-10 November.

Dwyer, Tim 2012, ‘The Mobile Internet, News Diversity and Citizenship: Evolving media policies‘, paper presented at University of Gdańsk, 14–15 September 2012.

Goggin, Gerard, Tim Dwyer, Fiona Martin, Jonathon Hutchinson 2013, ‘Mobile Internet’s “Creative Destruction”: Implications for Global Mobile Policy’, paper presented to International Association of Media Communication Research (IAMCR) Global Media Policy (GMP) Working Group, Crises, Creative Destruction, and the Global Power and Communication Orders, Dublin, Ireland, 25-29 June 2013.

Martin, F (2013) ‘A smarter smartphone: policy, regulatory and governance issues with mobile Internet apps’, IAMCR 2013, Dublin City University, Dublin, 25-29 June 2013.

Martin, F.  Goggin G, Dwyer T (2012) ‘Moving Media: New Policy Modes for Mobile Internet’. Managing the Media: Policy, Regulation and Engagement conference. Monash University, 12-13 April 2012.

Opinion Articles

Jonathon Hutchinson. “Taxi apps work – so why does NSW want to regulate them?” The Conversation9 April. 2014.

Jonathon Hutchinson. “Toyota’s exit provides a blank sheet for creative manufacturing.” The Conversation, 11 Feb. 2014.

Jonathon Hutchinson. “From manufacturing’s ashes a creative economy could rise.” The Conversation10 Jan. 2014. [Republished in Manufacturing Monthly. 13 Jan. 2014.]

Invited Talks

Dwyer, Tim, ‘The Mobile Internet, News Diversity and Citizenship: Evolving Policy Modes’, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 4 March 2013.

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Moving Media is a comprehensive study of mobile Internet, how the infrastructures are evolving, how people use these convergent technologies, and how traditional and new modes of media policy respond.