Moving Media: Mobile Internet and New Policy Modes, 2012 – 2015

ARC Discovery Project ID: DP120101971, Total Funds Awarded: $243,000

Mobile Internet is a complex mix of telecommunications, mobile and locative media, Internet and social media. Funded by the Australian Research Council, and undertaken by researchers based at the University of Sydney, this research maps the responses of policy institutions and actors to the range of forms of mobile Internet, and it will look at aspects of locative media; mobiles; news diversity; openness of platforms; sharing; and citizen participation.

Chief Investigator (CI): Professor Gerard Goggin (USYD)

GerardGogginGerard Goggin is Professor and Chair of the Department of Media and Communication. He has a longstanding interest in telecommunications, mobiles, and Internet, especially relating to policy. Gerard’s books including ‘Locative Media’ (2014, with Rowan Wilken), ‘Routledge Companion to Mobile Media’ (with Larissa Hjorth, 2013), ‘Disability and the Media’ (2013, with Katie Ellis), ‘Mobile Technology and Place’ (2012, with Rowan Wilken), ‘New Technologies and the Media’ (2012), ‘Global Mobile Media’ (2011), ‘Cell Phone Culture’ (2006), and ‘Digital Disability’ (2003, with Christopher Newell).

Chief Investigator: Dr Timothy Dwyer (USYD)

DWYER_3Dr. Tim Dwyer is senior lecturer in the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney, Australia. His research focuses on the critical evaluation of media and communications industries, including mobile and convergent media, regulation, media law, ethics and policy. He is the author of Legal and Ethical Issues in the Media (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), Media Convergence (Open University, 2010) and the co-editor (with Virginia Nightingale) of New Media Worlds: Challenges for Convergence (Oxford, 2007). Before moving to academia in 2002 he has worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1981-89), and the federal government agencies responsible for privacy rights (1990-1994), and electronic media regulation (1994-2002).

Chief Investigator: Dr Fiona Martin (USYD)

Fiona-MartinDr Fiona Martin is Senior lecturer in Convergent and Online Media at the University of Sydney. She is a former community and ABC radio broadcaster, print and online journalist. She researches public service media and media industry transformations online (via web, mobiles, e-readers and IPTV). Her work focuses on the history, uses and ethics of dialogic interaction, including in forums, blogs and social media. She is the lead investigator on the 2013-2015 ARC funded Discovery project Mediating the Conversation, an international study of how public participation is facilitated and regulated in online news and opinion sites. She is also a co-investigator, with Prof. Gerard Goggin and Dr Tim Dwyer on the Moving Media project, where her interest is in mapping the mobile apps eco-system, and investigating mobile internet policy, regulation and governance.

Moving Media is a comprehensive study of mobile Internet, how the infrastructures are evolving, how people use these convergent technologies, and how traditional and new modes of media policy respond.